Vikings 4/10 The Last Ship

The big battle starts. Rollo and the Franks vs Ragnor and the Vikings…

At first the battle goes well for the Vikings and the French commander under Rollo wants to retreat, but Rollo wants none of that and plunges his sword through his commander for suggesting a retreat!

Rollo then urges the Franks back into battle with a do or die rallying cry and he and Ragnor have an epic fight!

The Franks wound Lagertha and kill the brother of King Harald Finehair. As it looks like the Franks were about to win, the Vikings retreat! Rollo staggers back to Paris, battered and hardly able to stand, but receieves a hero’s welcome!

Meanwhile Ragnor, has almost been beaten to a pulp and we see Bjorn back in Kattegart but with no sign of Ragnor! Ragnor’s sons by Queen Aslaug,  discuss the news they hear about the Wessex settlement that was destroyed by the Christians under King Ecbert and their opinion is divided about love and respect for their father and king, Ragnor.

Next, Bjorn visits Floki, who is working on boat designs in Bjorn’s quest to sail to and find the Mediterranean sea. Floki and Helga commit to going with Bjorn on his quest.

Finally, we see Ragnor standing at the outer wall of Kattegart and he walks through the settlement to the centre and a big crowd gathers around him. His sons are there and he begins a tirade to denounce himself as the king and look for a new king! The only difficulty is he must be killed first and noone wants to be the first to try & kill him!

The episode ends there and now the series has a mid season break! It looks very much like Ragnor will remain as king, but there will be many divided loyalties. Bjorn and Lagertha will undoubtedly remain true to him. Many more adventures await him and he still has his brother Rollo to deal with!

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Vikings 4/9 Death all round

Nothing new in the title then “Death All Round”.

Judith’s son, Alfred, gets acclaim from the Pope, in Rome. In Kattegart, one of the cjhildren, Ziggy, is found dead in a  river. In Wessex King Ecbert is crowned King of Mercia and Wessex and King Aelle (King of Northumbria) is understandably upset as he had an agreement  with Ecbert to take Mercia together and divide it between them. Ecbert lords it over Aelle.

In France, Lagertha has lost her unborn child and Ragnor has the Viking ships back in the river and heading to Paris. He is  having withdrawl symptoms but won’t take the remaining drug left as he wants to use it when he fights Rollo.

Earl Oerlander continued blackmailing Bjorn’s partner into trying to kill Bjorn, but she disobeys him and kills him!

The Viking ships have trebuchet type launchers attached to them, and more death is on the horizon as Ragnor & Rollo prepare to fight!

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Vikings 4/8 Portage

An interesting episode! Ragnar’s ships are in retreat and Ragnor is in some torment over this. Harald Finehair and his brother speak to Lagertha about how disappointed they are in Ragnor and she is fiercely loyal to Ragnor, telling them not to express such direct views to her in future!

Suddenly, Ragnor calls for Bjorn to bring the ships to shore to make camp. Bjorn is bewildered, as they are passing through a gorge with steep cliffs and no suitable camp site. Bjorn asks Ragnor why, but Ragnor just insists, so the horns are sounded and the ships move to the gorge bank. Ragnor jumps ashore and tells them he wants to haul the ships up the cliff and then haul them overland and get them back into the river Seine further down stream and past the guard towers, so they can sail up to Paris and attack! The Vikings look dumbfounded and Ragnor asks Floki if he can do this and Floki tells Ragnor he would do anything for him!

So, Floki builds a pulley system and the Viking ships get hauled out of the river and up the cliff and on to logs and are pulled along! That is some amazing scheme and even Harald Finehair and his brother are amazed at this daring plan!

rpd When the going gets tough the tough get going_Copyright

Ragnor then has a mini drug withdrawal reaction and asks his Chinese mistress for some more drugs. She refuses and inadvisedly tells Ragnor that she knows his secret and Ragnor snaps and pulls her in the river and callously and brutally drowns her to get the drug from her. When Ragnor turns round, he sees his young sons were standing by and witnessed the brutal murder.

Also, during the ship moving, Torvi sees or imagines Earl Orlander shooting Bjorn with a crossbow. It didn’t happen in reality.

In Paris, first minister Otto was finally executed by command of the Emperor and the Emperor bestows on Rollo the title of iron fist protector of Paris. Rollo impresses on the Emperor, that Paris is not safe though from his brother Ragnor and the Emperor heeds his warning.

In Wessex, King Ecbert returns from his trip to Mercia and initially hides the fact that he has become King of Mercia from Queen Kinwirith. When he finally tells her, she is not at all happy! She tries to escape the court, but is caught and put under guard. At night, she secretly goes to King Ecberts quarters and murders his guard to get into the King’s bedroom. She jumps on the King who was asleep in bed and was just about to slit his throat with her dagger when Judith creeps silently out of the shadows and stabs her. She falls off the bed, cursing Judith for the double killing of herself and her unborn child and the Queen dies on the floor! Judith screams at King Ecbert, saying look what he has made her into!

There is also a short visit to Kattegart, where Auslag and Habbard have had a big bust up. She has seen him sleeping with several women and yet she wanted him all to herself and he would never stop sleeping and fornicating with other women! Habbard leaves.

Finally the Viking warriors have all the ships out of the river and moving them back to the river Seine and Floki says goodbye to Helga who is left behind, still recovering from her earlier wounds.

So, some winners and losers in this episode! It will be interesting to see Ragnor fighting his brother Rollo over Paris. Will Rollo capitulate and if he does would Ragnor spare him yet again? I doubt it! I will have to wait and see. Bring it on!

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Vikings 4/7 The profit and loss

In England, King Ecbert discusses how to overthrow the ruling council of Mercia and he does a deal with a Mercian nobleman “W” to get the Mercian crown.

Meanwhile, the real action is in France as the Vikings sail up to Paris and reach the guard towers on the Seine where Rollo and Otto command the French army.Ragnor sees Rollo and curses him.

Ragnor has sent a party of men and women led by Lagertha to attack the towers from land. This attack, gets bogged down in marshland and then surrounded by French soldiers and has to retreat.

On the river, Harald Finhairs’s ship sails up to the guard towers and is under heavy archery attack from the French crossbows. It gets even worse when Rollo gives the order for the chain to be raised across the river between the towers  and the lead Viking ship is caught by the chain and overturns.

Ragnor sees this and tries to turn his ship and stop it being caught by the chain. The French send down oil on the stricken Viking ships and this is torched by a hail of burning arrows. In the chaos and confusion, more Viking ships are overturned and Viking warriors try to swim back to be dragged into other Viking ships. Ragnor sees Floki drowning in the river and he swims out and rescues Floki and they are dragged back to their boat and the fleet retreats.

Back at the Viking base, a party of French soldiers turn up and burn and destroy what they can and Helga is badly wounded, but Ragnors children and Yilda escape and are found when Ragnor and Bjorn arrive back.

In Paris, Otto tries to convince the Emperor he has conducted a great French victory, but Rollo counsels caution as he knows Ragnor will strike back somehow.

What an epic action packed battle scene episode! The big question now is, how will Ragnor fight back?! Bring on the next episode when we may find out!

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Vikings 4/6 What might have been

This episode starts with the spring time melt and Lagertha anointing Calf’s grave. Oerlander comes to her and asks her why she killed Calf? She replied, that she told Calf, that she promised she would kill him for taking her Earldom. Simple. Lagertha then assumes Oerlander will leave, but he wants to go with her to Paris and she offers him a ride in her ship with her shield maidens.

Next we see Ragnor initiating his sons of Auslaug (Bjorn’s brothers) with arm bands in a coming of age ceremony and preparing to go back to Paris. The Viking warfleet leave Kattegart.

Floki sails with Harald not with Ragnor. A storm brews up and Ragnors ship is seen isolated with another ship. They steer their course for Paris and sail up the river Seine, and come ashore to  attack French scouts. The French scouts are routed but manage to light beacon fires to warn Paris the Vikings have arrived. Harald finehair and his brother, brutally add some captured scouts to the burning beacons and a French scout is roped to planks of wood and pushed down river to alert the rest of the Viking ships to follow up river.


Meanwhile, we visit Wessex and find King Ecbert sending Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome, under protection of his son Aethulwulf. Aethulwulf did not want to go, instead he wanted to lead the fight against Mercia, but King Ecbert announced he would lead that battle.

Then we return to Paris to find the whole Viking fleet together near the first of the two guard towers across the river. Rollo is on horseback on the riverbank. There may be trouble ahead!

The next episode will surely confirm that!

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Vikings 4/5 Promised

Vikings Series 4 episode 5 Promised

So the next episode (Vikings Series 4 episode 5) is titled “Promised” and I haven’t a clue what that refers to! Anyway on with the action….

Vikings versus Christians_copyright

The episode starts with Earl Calf and Earl Oerlander discussing fighting the christians of Paris and then they discuss their plot against Bjorn and King Ragnor. Lagertha is training her shield maidens close by also and asks Calf what he was discussing with Oerlander (son of King Horvik). Calf lies to Lagertha, telling her he was saying how Oerlander said to him, that he forgives Torvi for leaving and going with Bjorn! Does Lagertha smell a rat here and realise the lie? She drops her own big news bombshell, that she is pregnant! Calf asks to marry her. Sweet!

Now we move over to Kattegart, Wessex and Paris… In Kattegart Bjorn distrusts the newly arrived ally Harald finehair and learns that Haralds brother is arriving soon with 20 ships and many men.

Ragnar meanwhile continues bonding with his Chinese mistress Yidu. Ragnor confesses to her, his secret problem with the Viking settlement in Wessex that was laid waste to by King Ecbert. In return Yidu, confides in Ragnor that she is actually the daughter of the Emperor of China! Meanwhile Harald (finehair) gets chummy with Floki.

On that note, Auslags child that Floki is training, goes beserk in a game of catch and uses his Viking axe to kill a small boy he was fighting with over catching the ball! Auslag and Floki see the whole incident and Auslag tells her son he has nothing to fear! Wow!

In Wessex, King Ecbert decides to invade Mercia with his ally King Ulla of Northumbria and preparations are made. Meantime, Judith and her husband Aelwulf make their differences plain. Judith tells the king this and King Ecbert gives Judith his first wife’s ring as his seal of his approval to her.

However, Ecbert is up to something nasty, as when Ulla leaves Wessex, Ecbert nods knowingly to his guard captain and I fear for King Ulla. As Ulla departs, Ecbert goes to his chapel and pours his blackened heart and soul out to Jesus, firmly convinced he is condemned to eternal damnation, yet firmly committed to his devious deeds to become ruler of England!

And now to France, Paris, where we see Otto, the Emperor’s first minister being betrayed both by an ambitious French noble and his sister and also Princess Gisla. Gisla has all but told Rollo to put an end to Otto, so that he can become the right hand man to the Emperor.

Finally back to Kattegat, where Torvi asks Bjorn why he isn’t talking with her more when he brought her there and away from her child? Bjorn tells her he will talk more and starts making sexual advances which are abruptly cut short when Torvi states the signet ring Bjorn was just looking at, was that of Earl Oerlander. Bjorn stops in his tracks and I can only imagine he is about to move on and confront Oerlander. Yet before that happens, we pay a final visit to Earl Calf and Lagertha who are now on their wedding day.

As the soon to be married couple take a first kiss, a startling thing happens. Lagertha draws a dagger concealed up her sleeve and plunges it into the heart of Calf who dies in her blood stained arms! Now that is a swift end to Calf’s happiest day! Lagertha walks out of the bridal tent to announce this to the bridal party and they pledge their allegiance to the earl next in line..Earl Oerlander!

Well, as we know by now, there is no messing with Lagertha or Ragnor and I believe they will be wreaking even more vengeance on their enemies fairly soon! Vikings versus Christians, there is a world of pain to come…It seems to the victor will go the spoils, but it appears to be a never ending cycle of treachery and violence!

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Vikings 4/4 Yul log

It is Christmas time!  Well make that Epipany in France and Yule in Norway!

This episode was so good I watched it twice! This series is a slow burner though, as events in Norway, Wessex and Paris are building up slowly and dramatically and as the song goes “there may be trouble ahead…”.

To start with, Ragnor is in sombre mood talking about his close relationship to death to his wife’s new Chinese maid servant Edu. This slave, who Ragnor sees clearly was not born a slave, endears herself to Ragnor and Aslaug sees the both of them talking and tells Ragnor she does not mind how he pleases her! Under the influence of a Chinese herbal remedy, the pair bond together!

Next we see Bjorn leave his hut in the wilderness and now his assailant (the beserker) attacks. The assailant disarms Bjorn’s fighting axe and nearly slices Bjorn’s right cheek off, but does not finish Bjorn. That was a bad mistake! Hadn’t the beserker seen any of the countless many average 20th century adventure thriller films, where the baddies have their chance to kill the hero and walk off with the spoils, but always make some error that allows the hero to fight back and prevail?

Of course not and Bjorn manages to stick his hand knife in the beserker and throw his fishing hooks in his face and tie him to a tree. I guess Bjorn’s brush with the bear made the berserker look tame! Bjorn takes the signet ring but the beserker doesn’t disclose the owners identity and has his guts spilt over the forest floor.

Bjorn is now on a mission and goes off in search of his love Torvi (the wife of King Harold’s son, the one who with Kalf, sent the berserker to kill Bjorn). Bjorn tells them he has found himself and returns to Kattegart with Torvi.I now want Bjorn to find the identity of the signet ring owner!

In Kattegart, Floki has seen the sear, who croaks that he had been waiting for hundreds of years to meet Floki. Floki queries this and the sear tells Floki to stop messing around! So Floki gives his mischevious laugh and the sear checks Floki’s identity by licking Floki’s palm.

Helga and Floki are visited by Aslaug and then Aslaug asks Floki to train her disabled son to be a Viking and to hate the Christian God. That is right up Floki’s street, and he accepts! This certainly won’t make Ragnor happy though!

Meanwhile, the Yul log and celebrations start in Norway, Wessex and Paris. In Paris, Rollo has learnt enough French to impress his princess wife, Gisla. This persuades her not to continue with her divorce case, but he wins her over and she starts to consummate her marriage as often as possible and even in a room next to a Christmas dinner for the Emperor (her father) and guests. How embarrassing!

In Wessex, Queen Kiriwith continues her affair with Aethelwulf and Judith’s father, the King of Norhumbria is not happy with either Judith or Queen Kiriwith or her bastard son Magnus. Magnus, the bastard son of?…..Ragnor Lothbruk!

Now back in Kattegart, an unannounced guest arrives for Yul time dinner, King Harald finehair. As bold as you like, he all but publically tells Aslaug, that he is to be King of Norway over Ragnor. At this point Bjorn and Tovi arrive back and moments later, Ragnor returns from lighting Yul bonfires and whatever other Viking Yul traditions, and approaches the very rude guest, to ask who he might be?! Game on!

All really good juice. It is all boiling up nicely and it is about time for Ragnor to take some decisive action.I would love to see some epic Viking fights, with shield walls and axe wielding bravery and savagery. It seems a while since those last featured, so I hope for some epic battle action soon. I’ll just have to wait and see. Two days until the next episode…throw another log on the fire!  🙂


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