Last episode….Ethelred dies

I apologise for not describing the last episode which finshed about 2 months ago.

I think King Ethelred died in this episode, after his son Aethwulfs army was beaten and Bjorn and Ivar and the Vikings came to Wessex. The king sent his wife (Judith) away and stayed alone to receive his punishment which was wholly stupid of him. He was allowed to take his own life which he duly did in his beloved hot bath. In the sacking of the court, the girl Floki’s wife Hellgar had adopted, killed Helgar and Floki left, alone in shock and despair, after he had buried his beloved wife.

Meanwhile Ivar wanted to continue to make war against the Saxons but Bjorn wanted to return to the Mediterranean. The brother Siggy, started to question Ivar, who threw a tantrum and his Viking battle axe, that he had honed over many episodes, into his brother which killed him! THE END…for now….

I have to say I am disappointed by the end of Ragnar and Ethelred. They both seem to have accepted defeat as inevitable, and succumbed to inglorious ends, when they should have perished fighting bravely in my opinion! So it is left to the younger generation to continue the fight! Will Lagertha have a part to play? We will see no doubt later.

Meanwhile, I have to mention the excellent “Last Kingdom” on BBC Two, with Uhtred and King Alfred versus the Vikings. I like this even more than the Vikings series! Watch it when you can it is great!

So, may your cup of ale or ox horn of ale never run dry and may you stay strong in your battles under the protection of your God or Gods!… 🙂

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