Ragnor bites the dust…

So there have been 2 more episodes since Ragnors return and this last episode (“All His Angels”), where Ragnor is taken captive to King Aelle and which leads to Ragnors brutal death!

In brief, then in the previous episode, Lagertha took over Kattegart from Queen Auslag, whom she killed with an arrow in the back!

Meanwhile Ragnor and crippled son Ivor were shipwrecked on the English coast and with the few remaining Viking survivors they set their course towards Wessex and King Ecbert. The remaining Vikings however, wanted to return home as most of the raiders were dead after the shipwreck and they blamed everything on Ragnor…not a good idea! Ragnor and Ivor decided to kill them! After this brutal act, Ragnor and Ivor were left on their own and they walked and crawled to Wessex and into captivity under King Ecbert.

In captivity Ragnor made a deal with King Ecbert to be handed over as a prisoner to King Aelle in return for telling Ivor to tell the other Vikings only to seek revenge on King Aelle and not on Ecbert. King Ecbert agreed, but when Ragnor was allowed to speak to Ivor, he told him to exact revenge on King Ecbert!

Ivor was duly returned to Kattegart where he was shocked to hear his mother was dead and killed by Lagertha who now ruled there.

Ragnor was taken captive to King Aelle who brutally treated him and demanded Ragnor ask for absolution but Ragnor would not do so. After severe beatings and torture with a red hot poker, Ragor was hoisted in his prisoners cage high above a pit containing many poisonous snakes (adders) and unceremoniously the bottom of the cage was opened and Ragnor fell into the pit.

King Ecbert had travelled in secret as a monk to the place of execution and he watched with all the others as Ragnor succumbed quietly to the numerous snake bites he suffered. The pit entrance was closed and King Ecbert was the last to leave….


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