Ragnor is back!


Ragnor has returned at last. To date there now have been 2 episodes of Vikings series 4 part 2.

Very few Vikings were pleased to see him return and most were very hostile to him, because most of them felt he abandoned them. Even worse, most were aware that he knew the English Viking settlement had been put to the sword but had not told them!

Noone really knew why he had returned and after his very lukewarm reception from his family, friends and general population, he even tried suicide and failed! The seer prophesied great calamity arising from his return.

Indeed it was a strange return to Kattegart which was flourishing under Queen Auslag and her sons. Bjorn especially, was planning a voyage to discover the Mediterranean and gain wealth and land by conquest there. Floki had made him a new fleet of super long ships.

Again, noone would accept Ragnor’s challenge to fight him to oust him and become outright king.

Lagertha still respects and indeed loves Ragnor and he tells her of his regret at his bad decisions especially in regard to their marriage breakdown. Both are so stubborn they will not go back and restart their relationship! Lagertha has seemingly abandoned other men in favour of a close and sexual relationship with some young woman warrior.

Meanwhile Ragnor and Bjorn have a serious father and son talk and show each other equal respect with Ragnor finally acknowledging Bjorn has become a man and that he is proud of him for that.

Next Bjorn leaves with King Harald and a great armada of longships to find their fame and fortune in the Mediterranean and terrorise new peoples. Meanwhile, Ragnor pays anyone willing to crew for him and go with him back to England. Ivor the boneless, Ragnor’s crippled son by Queen Auslag, wants desperately to go with Ragnor to prove his manhood and they both set off in a small
group of ageing boats given to Ragnor by Floki. Quite a rag tag collection of Vikings, but all wanting to avenge their friends who were slaughtered in Wessex.

Well that is all fine and dandy(?), but Ivor’s mother, Queen Auslag, has foreseen a great storm and disaster and guess what happens at the end of episode 2? Yes, a great storm arises and Ragor and Ivor are thrown out of their ship which is battered!

So the scene is set and after this good, but somewhat slow start, will we see Ragnor regain some authority and dignity and repair his tarnished reputation?
First Ragnor has to survive this storm at sea and then will come the storm on land?

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