Vikings 4/10 The Last Ship

The big battle starts. Rollo and the Franks vs Ragnor and the Vikings…

At first the battle goes well for the Vikings and the French commander under Rollo wants to retreat, but Rollo wants none of that and plunges his sword through his commander for suggesting a retreat!

Rollo then urges the Franks back into battle with a do or die rallying cry and he and Ragnor have an epic fight!

The Franks wound Lagertha and kill the brother of King Harald Finehair. As it looks like the Franks were about to win, the Vikings retreat! Rollo staggers back to Paris, battered and hardly able to stand, but receieves a hero’s welcome!

Meanwhile Ragnor, has almost been beaten to a pulp and we see Bjorn back in Kattegart but with no sign of Ragnor! Ragnor’s sons by Queen Aslaug,  discuss the news they hear about the Wessex settlement that was destroyed by the Christians under King Ecbert and their opinion is divided about love and respect for their father and king, Ragnor.

Next, Bjorn visits Floki, who is working on boat designs in Bjorn’s quest to sail to and find the Mediterranean sea. Floki and Helga commit to going with Bjorn on his quest.

Finally, we see Ragnor standing at the outer wall of Kattegart and he walks through the settlement to the centre and a big crowd gathers around him. His sons are there and he begins a tirade to denounce himself as the king and look for a new king! The only difficulty is he must be killed first and noone wants to be the first to try & kill him!

The episode ends there and now the series has a mid season break! It looks very much like Ragnor will remain as king, but there will be many divided loyalties. Bjorn and Lagertha will undoubtedly remain true to him. Many more adventures await him and he still has his brother Rollo to deal with!

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