Vikings 4/9 Death all round

Nothing new in the title then “Death All Round”.

Judith’s son, Alfred, gets acclaim from the Pope, in Rome. In Kattegart, one of the cjhildren, Ziggy, is found dead in a  river. In Wessex King Ecbert is crowned King of Mercia and Wessex and King Aelle (King of Northumbria) is understandably upset as he had an agreement  with Ecbert to take Mercia together and divide it between them. Ecbert lords it over Aelle.

In France, Lagertha has lost her unborn child and Ragnor has the Viking ships back in the river and heading to Paris. He is  having withdrawl symptoms but won’t take the remaining drug left as he wants to use it when he fights Rollo.

Earl Oerlander continued blackmailing Bjorn’s partner into trying to kill Bjorn, but she disobeys him and kills him!

The Viking ships have trebuchet type launchers attached to them, and more death is on the horizon as Ragnor & Rollo prepare to fight!

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