Vikings 4/8 Portage

An interesting episode! Ragnar’s ships are in retreat and Ragnor is in some torment over this. Harald Finehair and his brother speak to Lagertha about how disappointed they are in Ragnor and she is fiercely loyal to Ragnor, telling them not to express such direct views to her in future!

Suddenly, Ragnor calls for Bjorn to bring the ships to shore to make camp. Bjorn is bewildered, as they are passing through a gorge with steep cliffs and no suitable camp site. Bjorn asks Ragnor why, but Ragnor just insists, so the horns are sounded and the ships move to the gorge bank. Ragnor jumps ashore and tells them he wants to haul the ships up the cliff and then haul them overland and get them back into the river Seine further down stream and past the guard towers, so they can sail up to Paris and attack! The Vikings look dumbfounded and Ragnor asks Floki if he can do this and Floki tells Ragnor he would do anything for him!

So, Floki builds a pulley system and the Viking ships get hauled out of the river and up the cliff and on to logs and are pulled along! That is some amazing scheme and even Harald Finehair and his brother are amazed at this daring plan!

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Ragnor then has a mini drug withdrawal reaction and asks his Chinese mistress for some more drugs. She refuses and inadvisedly tells Ragnor that she knows his secret and Ragnor snaps and pulls her in the river and callously and brutally drowns her to get the drug from her. When Ragnor turns round, he sees his young sons were standing by and witnessed the brutal murder.

Also, during the ship moving, Torvi sees or imagines Earl Orlander shooting Bjorn with a crossbow. It didn’t happen in reality.

In Paris, first minister Otto was finally executed by command of the Emperor and the Emperor bestows on Rollo the title of iron fist protector of Paris. Rollo impresses on the Emperor, that Paris is not safe though from his brother Ragnor and the Emperor heeds his warning.

In Wessex, King Ecbert returns from his trip to Mercia and initially hides the fact that he has become King of Mercia from Queen Kinwirith. When he finally tells her, she is not at all happy! She tries to escape the court, but is caught and put under guard. At night, she secretly goes to King Ecberts quarters and murders his guard to get into the King’s bedroom. She jumps on the King who was asleep in bed and was just about to slit his throat with her dagger when Judith creeps silently out of the shadows and stabs her. She falls off the bed, cursing Judith for the double killing of herself and her unborn child and the Queen dies on the floor! Judith screams at King Ecbert, saying look what he has made her into!

There is also a short visit to Kattegart, where Auslag and Habbard have had a big bust up. She has seen him sleeping with several women and yet she wanted him all to herself and he would never stop sleeping and fornicating with other women! Habbard leaves.

Finally the Viking warriors have all the ships out of the river and moving them back to the river Seine and Floki says goodbye to Helga who is left behind, still recovering from her earlier wounds.

So, some winners and losers in this episode! It will be interesting to see Ragnor fighting his brother Rollo over Paris. Will Rollo capitulate and if he does would Ragnor spare him yet again? I doubt it! I will have to wait and see. Bring it on!

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