Vikings 4/7 The profit and loss

In England, King Ecbert discusses how to overthrow the ruling council of Mercia and he does a deal with a Mercian nobleman “W” to get the Mercian crown.

Meanwhile, the real action is in France as the Vikings sail up to Paris and reach the guard towers on the Seine where Rollo and Otto command the French army.Ragnor sees Rollo and curses him.

Ragnor has sent a party of men and women led by Lagertha to attack the towers from land. This attack, gets bogged down in marshland and then surrounded by French soldiers and has to retreat.

On the river, Harald Finhairs’s ship sails up to the guard towers and is under heavy archery attack from the French crossbows. It gets even worse when Rollo gives the order for the chain to be raised across the river between the towers  and the lead Viking ship is caught by the chain and overturns.

Ragnor sees this and tries to turn his ship and stop it being caught by the chain. The French send down oil on the stricken Viking ships and this is torched by a hail of burning arrows. In the chaos and confusion, more Viking ships are overturned and Viking warriors try to swim back to be dragged into other Viking ships. Ragnor sees Floki drowning in the river and he swims out and rescues Floki and they are dragged back to their boat and the fleet retreats.

Back at the Viking base, a party of French soldiers turn up and burn and destroy what they can and Helga is badly wounded, but Ragnors children and Yilda escape and are found when Ragnor and Bjorn arrive back.

In Paris, Otto tries to convince the Emperor he has conducted a great French victory, but Rollo counsels caution as he knows Ragnor will strike back somehow.

What an epic action packed battle scene episode! The big question now is, how will Ragnor fight back?! Bring on the next episode when we may find out!

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