Vikings 4/6 What might have been

This episode starts with the spring time melt and Lagertha anointing Calf’s grave. Oerlander comes to her and asks her why she killed Calf? She replied, that she told Calf, that she promised she would kill him for taking her Earldom. Simple. Lagertha then assumes Oerlander will leave, but he wants to go with her to Paris and she offers him a ride in her ship with her shield maidens.

Next we see Ragnor initiating his sons of Auslaug (Bjorn’s brothers) with arm bands in a coming of age ceremony and preparing to go back to Paris. The Viking warfleet leave Kattegart.

Floki sails with Harald not with Ragnor. A storm brews up and Ragnors ship is seen isolated with another ship. They steer their course for Paris and sail up the river Seine, and come ashore to  attack French scouts. The French scouts are routed but manage to light beacon fires to warn Paris the Vikings have arrived. Harald finehair and his brother, brutally add some captured scouts to the burning beacons and a French scout is roped to planks of wood and pushed down river to alert the rest of the Viking ships to follow up river.


Meanwhile, we visit Wessex and find King Ecbert sending Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome, under protection of his son Aethulwulf. Aethulwulf did not want to go, instead he wanted to lead the fight against Mercia, but King Ecbert announced he would lead that battle.

Then we return to Paris to find the whole Viking fleet together near the first of the two guard towers across the river. Rollo is on horseback on the riverbank. There may be trouble ahead!

The next episode will surely confirm that!

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