Vikings 4/5 Promised

Vikings Series 4 episode 5 Promised

So the next episode (Vikings Series 4 episode 5) is titled “Promised” and I haven’t a clue what that refers to! Anyway on with the action….

Vikings versus Christians_copyright

The episode starts with Earl Calf and Earl Oerlander discussing fighting the christians of Paris and then they discuss their plot against Bjorn and King Ragnor. Lagertha is training her shield maidens close by also and asks Calf what he was discussing with Oerlander (son of King Horvik). Calf lies to Lagertha, telling her he was saying how Oerlander said to him, that he forgives Torvi for leaving and going with Bjorn! Does Lagertha smell a rat here and realise the lie? She drops her own big news bombshell, that she is pregnant! Calf asks to marry her. Sweet!

Now we move over to Kattegart, Wessex and Paris… In Kattegart Bjorn distrusts the newly arrived ally Harald finehair and learns that Haralds brother is arriving soon with 20 ships and many men.

Ragnar meanwhile continues bonding with his Chinese mistress Yidu. Ragnor confesses to her, his secret problem with the Viking settlement in Wessex that was laid waste to by King Ecbert. In return Yidu, confides in Ragnor that she is actually the daughter of the Emperor of China! Meanwhile Harald (finehair) gets chummy with Floki.

On that note, Auslags child that Floki is training, goes beserk in a game of catch and uses his Viking axe to kill a small boy he was fighting with over catching the ball! Auslag and Floki see the whole incident and Auslag tells her son he has nothing to fear! Wow!

In Wessex, King Ecbert decides to invade Mercia with his ally King Ulla of Northumbria and preparations are made. Meantime, Judith and her husband Aelwulf make their differences plain. Judith tells the king this and King Ecbert gives Judith his first wife’s ring as his seal of his approval to her.

However, Ecbert is up to something nasty, as when Ulla leaves Wessex, Ecbert nods knowingly to his guard captain and I fear for King Ulla. As Ulla departs, Ecbert goes to his chapel and pours his blackened heart and soul out to Jesus, firmly convinced he is condemned to eternal damnation, yet firmly committed to his devious deeds to become ruler of England!

And now to France, Paris, where we see Otto, the Emperor’s first minister being betrayed both by an ambitious French noble and his sister and also Princess Gisla. Gisla has all but told Rollo to put an end to Otto, so that he can become the right hand man to the Emperor.

Finally back to Kattegat, where Torvi asks Bjorn why he isn’t talking with her more when he brought her there and away from her child? Bjorn tells her he will talk more and starts making sexual advances which are abruptly cut short when Torvi states the signet ring Bjorn was just looking at, was that of Earl Oerlander. Bjorn stops in his tracks and I can only imagine he is about to move on and confront Oerlander. Yet before that happens, we pay a final visit to Earl Calf and Lagertha who are now on their wedding day.

As the soon to be married couple take a first kiss, a startling thing happens. Lagertha draws a dagger concealed up her sleeve and plunges it into the heart of Calf who dies in her blood stained arms! Now that is a swift end to Calf’s happiest day! Lagertha walks out of the bridal tent to announce this to the bridal party and they pledge their allegiance to the earl next in line..Earl Oerlander!

Well, as we know by now, there is no messing with Lagertha or Ragnor and I believe they will be wreaking even more vengeance on their enemies fairly soon! Vikings versus Christians, there is a world of pain to come…It seems to the victor will go the spoils, but it appears to be a never ending cycle of treachery and violence!

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2 Responses to Vikings 4/5 Promised

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    thanks for the follow. I see there is not a lot about who you are. Is this a novel you are working on?

  2. rhdblog101 says:

    Sorry about the lack of information about me! I will try and update my profile asap! Thanks for visiting my blog here. This post is not a part of my novel, instead it is a summary of the episodes from VIKINGS on the history channel. I hope you enjoy..Viking or AngloSaxon or other? Best wishes 🙂

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