Vikings 4/3

Last week saw Lagertha’s new man plotting with the old king’s son to kill Bjorn, in his bid for vengeance against Ragnor and his whole family. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes when Lagertha finds this out.

They send a giant of a man to take Bjorn out and we then see Bjorn fighting a bear and taking an ice plunge and getting drunk on a barrel of hootch he found by his shack and all the while I thought the beserker giant was about to jump out on him! Instead Bjorn gets a wound from his bear fighting, which he has to cauterize and sterilize with a red hot blade. Ouch!

Athelstan returns as a ghost to both Ragnor and King Ecbert and Athelstan’s ghost tells Ragnor to be merciful and so Ragnor cuts Floki free from his crucifix torture. Ecbert tells Judith he believes Athelstan is dead and she is distraught, just as her husband arrives back in Wessex with the Queen. Judith tells the Queen that Alfred is the son of her union with Athelstan and Aelthwulf and the Queen then get it on! No good Christian morals and values there then…

Back in France, Rollo tries to learn French, so he can communicate with his wife who continues to mock him in public and who asks for a divorce and calls Rollo a pagan beast! Rollo gets frustrated with his French lesson and hurls his teacher across the room!

I’m sure there must have been more happening, but I can only remember these events now, but I think they were the main events. Maybe I can only recall them because all those scenes were very compelling in their own way.

Well, there is definitely more trouble ahead for Vikings, Franks and AngloSaxons…I look forward to tonight’s episode…bring it on!


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