The Vikings series 4 show 1

The Vikings series 4 show 1 Treason

I eagerly watched the first part of the new series yesterday. The major story was the return of the Vikings to Cattegart leaving Rollo in Paris with a band of men. Ragnor was recovering from his wounds and was denied entry to Valhalla, and Bjorn had Floki arrested for the murder of Athelstan.

Lagertha returned to her kingdom along with……….Carlf. He declared they would rule the kingdom jointly and ……was unhappy with that and super jealous of Lagertha but admitting he still loved her! No doubting Lagertha is a powerful women in a man’s world!

A trap was set for Carlf who publically cut his mark in a post against Lagertha to banish her. That went badly as… set his hidden archers against … and his followers. …. ended up with a bolt to his throat pinning him to the post and Lagertha couldn’t control herself and castrated him! As if you needed reminding, men beware crossing Lagertha!

Back in Catthegart, Bjorn’s wife had gone walkabout and was missing and Ragnors wife Aslaug, had consulted the seer to see if she would rule one day. Ragnor started to recover and ironically again with the help of runes carved by Floki.

Floki meanwhile was chained to a post like a dog for public derision. Ragnor accused him of murdering Athelstan out of jealousy, while Floki stated he was ordered by the Gods to do it to save Ragnor!

Meanwhile Bjorn was now having renewed issues with Ragnor and was desperate to get his father’s approval and love.Bjorn set himself a personal challenge to survive alone in the wilderness as a test and left Ragnor and Cattegart.

So there was lots going on and now the story went back to Rollo in Paris. There Rollo was seen as a Frankish lord who had married a princess and was being accused by many of his men as a Christian. Rollo reacted badly to this and killed all the Viking warriors, even Erik who had been loyal to Rollo. Erik’s words though will haunt Rollo as he screamed Ragnor would return for revenge.

What do I make of all of this? Well, Ragnor continues to be somewhat of a mystery and a troubled king. Rollo continues to make bad choices that will lead to conflict with his brother Ragnor (remember Rollo and Jarlborg?). Life for these Vikings is certainly not easy or plain sailing as they fight their nature with their wish to explore and expand their territory.

I must say I would be happy to see a little bit more Viking culture but with massive power struggles going on, this gets overshadowed somewhat. As is very plain, and make no mistake, these Vikings are first and foremost warriors, both men and women, and fighting is never far away.  Like it, or lump it and leave it! Overall I like it and look forward to the next show…



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