July blog post…

So the month of June has gone with no blog post from me (here or on my other blogs)!

June has been a crazy month at home with so much happening that I just haven’t applied myself to my online activities.

My wife’s car broke down terminally and has had to be scraped! All last month she used my car and I walked to work! Now my son has finished college and is on his summer holiday mf wife is using his car and I have mine back.

Our house had major guttering and fascia work done. My wife won some vouchers (£500-00) in a ClassicFM competition and we bought a large new garden shed which was delivered 3 weeks ago for assembly. I have been laying the new slab base for this over this time as it is usually fine weather when I’m at work and raining when I’m not! Meanwhile the old shed and contents is strewn over the back garden….I hope for more fine weather so I can get this shed built, and the back garden back to normal in this month of July!

Also during June I decided to try and get my 5 minute blitz chess rating to 1400-1600 and by last Friday it had gone up from 1200 to 1300 but on Saturday I kept losing and it has fallen back 120 points to 1180.

So I have plenty to do during this coming month of July and hope I will get down to getting serious about blogging and online work! I hope all readers have had a great month of June and have a good July! 🙂

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