Decisions on blog posts

So my last blog post here last week was a rare event. A first post in years, and I said I would post later on my blogging topics.

Well half an hour after that post I received an email from a certain blogger called Opinionated Man who had noticed my post and started to follow me. I thought that was pretty impressive and duly followed him back and ever since my email has been full of the many posts he has done during the week. He appears to be a blogaholic or blog maniac, issuing a plethora of posts. One topic was a challenge to blog in a different writing style to normal. My challenge instead to Opionated Man is to go a week between posts!

Meanwhile I have roughly decided to blog on my normal subjects and in my normal general way. My passion is digital production which covers a lot of ground and I’m also doing a fair amount of internet marketing. I’m taking several courses and I will blog about the general digital related matters that affect me as a blogger.

Over the last week I have been learning a bit more about digital art using GIMP digital software. My first project is a sword design

Sword Design1_240514.

Sword Design1_240514.

This image is far from done yet! It is all my own design and construction in GIMP and hopefully with more editing and practice I can improve it a lot and this will bean ongoing project for me. Not too bad for my first stab (pun!?) at digital art.

Do you like digital art?Do you use GIMP? Do leave your comments…. 🙂

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