Ragnar’s revenge starts

The last episode has been shown and it is titled “revenge” as it is the start of Ragnar’s sons returning to avenge their father’s death in England.

In Kattegart, Queen Lagertha builds fortifications to strengthen her position but she has a twin threat of Ivar wanting revenge and now King Harold Finehair has enlisted an ambitious and clever man who has studied Kattegarts new defence for weaknesses to attack. Watch out Lagertha, they are coming for you…

Meanwhile, Lagertha made a grisly human sacrifice to award the god’s favour to the Viking army, which duly set off to England, with Bjorn leading it. Ivar was there with a fine warhorse and chariot built for him by Floki, and he tried to persuade his brothers that he should lead, but Bjorn would not accept that!
Bjorn made violent love to one of Lagertha’s shield maidens and was so unfaithful to his wife, Torvi and Lagertha finds out about this but simply makes a comment that she hopes it will be worth the trouble it will cause.
Then the Vikings sail toward England, the scene changes to Wessex and King Ecbert who is troubled and racked with doubts.

Also, Ecbert’s son Æthelwulf, desperately wants his father to tell him directly that he loves him. Ecbert finds this hard and can only tell him he trusts him above everyone else, which is why he commands Ecbert’s Saxon men and army! King Ecbert though wishes that Alfred (Athelstan’s son) will grow strong and clever and one day be the King of England. Next we move over to Northumbria and King Aella…

King Aelle is at prayer, when he receives a messenger saying the Viking army has arrived. His women folk warn him to be careful but he is arrogant and says he is prepared for war and to beat the Vikings and he heads off toward the oncoming Vikings, with his Bishop by his side. He is though woefully ignorant and unprepared as the Viking army gradually reveals itself to be the largest army ever! The Vikings charge the Saxons and all the Vikings are in full berserker mood and mode and there was only one outcome. A total and crushing Viking victory. Their war cry was show no mercy.


It ended very badly for King Aelle with Ragnar’s sons getting their revenge at the very spot where Ragnar died. King Aelle was dragged there behind a cart and then nailed to a board face down and had the skin and muscle from his back cut with a red hot knife and Bjorn hammered at his spine, ribs and organs from behind in brutal savagery. Aelle had pleaded to bargain with his life for gold and silver, but Ivar said he had to pay with his life and they showed him no mercy. The Vikings then hoisted his dead body in the air and left it hanging, as if crucified with wings (the skin from his back pulled out to each side), A grisly sight.

So, that was the brutal end of King Aelle, who was amazingly arrogant and grossly underestimated the Viking army and overestimated his own power and army. Perhaps he felt with God on his side he would not lose. Still, this is just the beginning of the revenge of Ragnar and there is much more to come….

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Ragnor bites the dust…

So there have been 2 more episodes since Ragnors return and this last episode (“All His Angels”), where Ragnor is taken captive to King Aelle and which leads to Ragnors brutal death!

In brief, then in the previous episode, Lagertha took over Kattegart from Queen Auslag, whom she killed with an arrow in the back!

Meanwhile Ragnor and crippled son Ivor were shipwrecked on the English coast and with the few remaining Viking survivors they set their course towards Wessex and King Ecbert. The remaining Vikings however, wanted to return home as most of the raiders were dead after the shipwreck and they blamed everything on Ragnor…not a good idea! Ragnor and Ivor decided to kill them! After this brutal act, Ragnor and Ivor were left on their own and they walked and crawled to Wessex and into captivity under King Ecbert.

In captivity Ragnor made a deal with King Ecbert to be handed over as a prisoner to King Aelle in return for telling Ivor to tell the other Vikings only to seek revenge on King Aelle and not on Ecbert. King Ecbert agreed, but when Ragnor was allowed to speak to Ivor, he told him to exact revenge on King Ecbert!

Ivor was duly returned to Kattegart where he was shocked to hear his mother was dead and killed by Lagertha who now ruled there.

Ragnor was taken captive to King Aelle who brutally treated him and demanded Ragnor ask for absolution but Ragnor would not do so. After severe beatings and torture with a red hot poker, Ragor was hoisted in his prisoners cage high above a pit containing many poisonous snakes (adders) and unceremoniously the bottom of the cage was opened and Ragnor fell into the pit.

King Ecbert had travelled in secret as a monk to the place of execution and he watched with all the others as Ragnor succumbed quietly to the numerous snake bites he suffered. The pit entrance was closed and King Ecbert was the last to leave….


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Ragnor is back!


Ragnor has returned at last. To date there now have been 2 episodes of Vikings series 4 part 2.

Very few Vikings were pleased to see him return and most were very hostile to him, because most of them felt he abandoned them. Even worse, most were aware that he knew the English Viking settlement had been put to the sword but had not told them!

Noone really knew why he had returned and after his very lukewarm reception from his family, friends and general population, he even tried suicide and failed! The seer prophesied great calamity arising from his return.

Indeed it was a strange return to Kattegart which was flourishing under Queen Auslag and her sons. Bjorn especially, was planning a voyage to discover the Mediterranean and gain wealth and land by conquest there. Floki had made him a new fleet of super long ships.

Again, noone would accept Ragnor’s challenge to fight him to oust him and become outright king.

Lagertha still respects and indeed loves Ragnor and he tells her of his regret at his bad decisions especially in regard to their marriage breakdown. Both are so stubborn they will not go back and restart their relationship! Lagertha has seemingly abandoned other men in favour of a close and sexual relationship with some young woman warrior.

Meanwhile Ragnor and Bjorn have a serious father and son talk and show each other equal respect with Ragnor finally acknowledging Bjorn has become a man and that he is proud of him for that.

Next Bjorn leaves with King Harald and a great armada of longships to find their fame and fortune in the Mediterranean and terrorise new peoples. Meanwhile, Ragnor pays anyone willing to crew for him and go with him back to England. Ivor the boneless, Ragnor’s crippled son by Queen Auslag, wants desperately to go with Ragnor to prove his manhood and they both set off in a small
group of ageing boats given to Ragnor by Floki. Quite a rag tag collection of Vikings, but all wanting to avenge their friends who were slaughtered in Wessex.

Well that is all fine and dandy(?), but Ivor’s mother, Queen Auslag, has foreseen a great storm and disaster and guess what happens at the end of episode 2? Yes, a great storm arises and Ragor and Ivor are thrown out of their ship which is battered!

So the scene is set and after this good, but somewhat slow start, will we see Ragnor regain some authority and dignity and repair his tarnished reputation?
First Ragnor has to survive this storm at sea and then will come the storm on land?

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Vikings to return…

The Vikings will return soon….

It’s been long wait, but apparently HISTORY have announced that the Vikings show will return for the second half of the fourth season on Wednesday, November 30th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT with the first of ten remaining episodes in the show’s new time slot. Not sure when that will be UK time?

Meantime, here is a short film showing the Saxons getting some pay back after a brutal skirmish with some Norsemen raiders! :

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In hiding

The Vikings remain in hiding somewhere, still on their mid season break.
Where is Ragnor? When will the Vikings be back?


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Vikings 4/10 The Last Ship

The big battle starts. Rollo and the Franks vs Ragnor and the Vikings…

At first the battle goes well for the Vikings and the French commander under Rollo wants to retreat, but Rollo wants none of that and plunges his sword through his commander for suggesting a retreat!

Rollo then urges the Franks back into battle with a do or die rallying cry and he and Ragnor have an epic fight!

The Franks wound Lagertha and kill the brother of King Harald Finehair. As it looks like the Franks were about to win, the Vikings retreat! Rollo staggers back to Paris, battered and hardly able to stand, but receieves a hero’s welcome!

Meanwhile Ragnor, has almost been beaten to a pulp and we see Bjorn back in Kattegart but with no sign of Ragnor! Ragnor’s sons by Queen Aslaug,  discuss the news they hear about the Wessex settlement that was destroyed by the Christians under King Ecbert and their opinion is divided about love and respect for their father and king, Ragnor.

Next, Bjorn visits Floki, who is working on boat designs in Bjorn’s quest to sail to and find the Mediterranean sea. Floki and Helga commit to going with Bjorn on his quest.

Finally, we see Ragnor standing at the outer wall of Kattegart and he walks through the settlement to the centre and a big crowd gathers around him. His sons are there and he begins a tirade to denounce himself as the king and look for a new king! The only difficulty is he must be killed first and noone wants to be the first to try & kill him!

The episode ends there and now the series has a mid season break! It looks very much like Ragnor will remain as king, but there will be many divided loyalties. Bjorn and Lagertha will undoubtedly remain true to him. Many more adventures await him and he still has his brother Rollo to deal with!

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Vikings 4/9 Death all round

Nothing new in the title then “Death All Round”.

Judith’s son, Alfred, gets acclaim from the Pope, in Rome. In Kattegart, one of the cjhildren, Ziggy, is found dead in a  river. In Wessex King Ecbert is crowned King of Mercia and Wessex and King Aelle (King of Northumbria) is understandably upset as he had an agreement  with Ecbert to take Mercia together and divide it between them. Ecbert lords it over Aelle.

In France, Lagertha has lost her unborn child and Ragnor has the Viking ships back in the river and heading to Paris. He is  having withdrawl symptoms but won’t take the remaining drug left as he wants to use it when he fights Rollo.

Earl Oerlander continued blackmailing Bjorn’s partner into trying to kill Bjorn, but she disobeys him and kills him!

The Viking ships have trebuchet type launchers attached to them, and more death is on the horizon as Ragnor & Rollo prepare to fight!

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